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Liver Report Kanagawa 27/08/2010

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Liver Report Kanagawa 27/08/2010

Mensaje por Cristy Sakura el Sáb 28 Ago 2010, 21:18

Dejo dos live reports del ultimo concierto en Kanagawa



05. ガンジスに紅い薔薇

EN01.Ride with the ROCKERS

* Overall, for me this live was the third loudest and wildest after second day of Budoukan and Hachiouji live. The fans already went crazy when the announcer crossed the stage to Uruha's side and took the microphone to announce the start of the live. Looking from the setlist, they didn't play any rare old songs, but all the members, they looked so particularly happy during the live. Probably because it was in Kanagawa-Yokohama, the area where they first started Gazette. <3
* The SE has a classic feeling to it, like the sound you will hear from an old record. Kinda creepy in a way, but still the beat makes you wanna dance and clap for them. The combination of red, blue, and gold for the starting lighting in this tour is also very nice.
* As usual, Kai came out first, taking his black vest off just before he climbed the steps to his drums. Uruha came in with his usual rocker pose, then Reita, Aoi whose hair was a bit lighter than the last time, made a little dance after he came in, and finally Ruki. The fans roared so loud when Ruki came in. Then they gathered in the middle and start it with Nausea.
* Nearing the end of Nausea, when Ruki was still busy with his hand movement, Uruha and Aoi changed their guitars in a hurry. Uruha even got his collar stuck under his guitar strap, and he made a few little jumps to fix it. <3 Uruha had been really hyper since the beginning of the live. During Maggots he didn't stop banging his head.
* ガンジスに紅い薔薇 was all red. The candles picture at the background made the stage looked more 'heated'.
* Aoi was singing to the mic and pointing at his head in some parts of SHIVER. One thing I noticed was that the fans are getting a hang of the new song, the hand movements were quite synchronized, not like in first day of Budoukan where we were just gaping at the song. =)
* It was a good idea to put 赤いワンピース in the beginning of the main part of the live. This song is very effective to get the crowd excited.
* The mood set by combination of 奈落, 体温, D.L.N was overwhelming. 奈落 was very beautiful, with the lighting being all purplish.
* At the beginning of Taion, Ruki did the acapella with the microphone close to his mouth. It made the atmosphere less eerie than usual, but his voice was beautiful. Then he didn't scream along with Uruha's solo as what he usually did. I think making such high-pitched scream is still too much for his vocal cord. ^^; Uruha again improvised with his solo part, which sounds more emotional than the original version. And yes, it is still very heartbreaking to watch Kai during Taion. That guy looked so broken and at some points it looked like he almost cried.
* They still used the same lighting effect for D.L.N., a small ligh bulb swaying right and left in between Ruki and Kai.
* The next song list was really exhausting. Usually they put Discharge as the last song for the main part, But Filth in The Beauty made a good alternative. With that song, it really felt like the real part was just starting. =D
* The break before encore was longer than usual, the staff played "Live 10 Nameless Liberty Six Bullets 01" animation on the screen. But the encore last night was the encore with the most fanservice I have ever been to. Seems like they were really in the mood of being playful. xD They did some cute fanservice too during the main part, but it's hard to remember which fanservice was done during which song, so I'll just list the fanservice later randomly.
* For encore, Reita wore his checkered hoodie with the black tour shirt. Kai wore white tour shirt and a black long vest. Uruha wore white tank top and lace long vest. Aoi wore black tour shirt and grey cardigan. Ruki wore his red tartan long shirt and black shirt or tank top inside.
* Reita and Kai came to the stage from the side doors, Kai from the right side and Reita from the left. They met at the center of the stage and did a high five. Apparently Kai used too much force which made Reita kneeling on the stage and acting like his hand was really painful. Reita then said in his MC, "It seems like the leader doesn't know the degree.." Reita also tried to throw his bandanna at Kai's face, but Kai was quick and he avoided it perfectly.
* Ruki did a really long MC in the middle of encore. He also had conversation with the fans and also Reita talking about how they started the band in Yokohama. Reita corrected him, saying that this was for Kanagawa, but Ruki just sneered and tried making excuse, saying that Kanagawa is too big and all. xD All in all, Ruki looked healthy and his voice sounded fine, though when he talked it was still a bit hoarse and not as loud as usual. I can't really remember what they talked about during the long MC, but I remembered laughing a lot because Reita and Ruki were full of giggles. Kanagawa (or Yokohama) surely held a lot of memories for them. =)
* At the beginning of Silly God Disco, Ruki licked Uruha's guitar. During Uruha's solo Ruki sang 'yo!yo!' while pointing his red megaphone close right to Uruha's left ear. Uruha seemed disturbed and he stepped back a bit. At the end of Silly God Disco, Ruki made a cute 'yo!' sound. xD

* Uruha and Reita were playing 'buddy buddy' at the right side of the stage, making those 'shooting' gestures with their hand and went 'bang!bang!' with each other. Then during encore, Uruha stood behind Reita and played Reita's bass from behind. Reita, in turn, stretched his hand to the back and played Uruha's guitar. At one point, It seemd like Reita also touched Uruha's butt from behind. ^^;
* Aoi is the king of tease. He did all his signature movements, plus grinding on his guitar during Filth in The Beauty. And at some points during encore, he stood really close to the edge of the stage and did a little dance which turned the fans in front of him crazy, and he laughed after that.
* Uruha and Aoi also played 'buddy buddy', but for their version, it included touching and poking at each other's thighs. Uruha did it first this time, he touched Aoi's thighs, Aoi gave him that 'how dare you' look, returned the gesture and laughed.
* At some point during Uruha's solo, Uruha was standing on one of the stand, then Aoi came behind him and did a circular movements, like playing hide and seek on Uruha's back and made a 'chu! chu!' gesture which made Uruha turned back at him. But when Uruha did the similar dance, Aoi ran back to his side on the left. Uruha still tried to make him come back by doing some more of the little dance while looking at Aoi's side, but Aoi stayed at his place. xDD
* Then during Kantou Aoi raised his hand and 'shoot' Uruha. Uruha then ran to Aoi's side and tried to touch his guitar, Aoi tried to avoid by stepping back but failed. Then he tried to play with Uruha's guitar too but Uruha stepped back. They ended up avoiding each other's hands, pretending to 'protect' their guitars.
* I forgot during which song, Uruha and Aoi were playing their guitar in the middle of the stage, on Ruki's stand. Then Uruha put his head on Aoi's left shoulder and Aoi laughed. Uruha also swung his arm over Aoi's shoulder and tried to poke his side, I think it was during Ruder.
* During Kantou, like usual Ruki and Uruha were playing with the water bottles. Uruha tried to spray water to Kai but it seemed that he failed. He then approached Ruki, who was standing in front of the stand at the middle of the stage. Uruha stepped on the stand and sprayed water to Ruki's head from behind. Ruki's expression was priceless, he stopped singing and turned around looking annoyed but Uruha just laughed. Ruki then went back singing while fixing his wet hair. =)
* At one point, Aoi and Reita tried to imitate the really famous Titanic pose, Reita stood in front of Aoi spreading his hand, but for some reason they just laughed and failed. xDD
* BEST FRIENDS was epic as usual, Ruki's dance during the rapping part was really cute, and Ruki also made the fans sing the chorus. <3 Reita was jumping sideways, maybe he was trying to imitate a crab, and it was so funny.
* At the end of the live, after they threw the water bottles, picks, and drum sticks, Ruki stayed a bit longer and said some more words, basically just saying that last night was the last one for Kantou in NLSB 01, and he also said 'またね!' and ' '愛しています'
Cristy Sakura

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Re: Liver Report Kanagawa 27/08/2010

Mensaje por Cristy Sakura el Sáb 28 Ago 2010, 21:19

<TOUR10 NAMELESS LIBERTY SIX BULLETS 01@神奈川県立県民ホール0827セトリ>
Filth in the beauty

Ride with the ROCKERS
LINDA~candydive pinky heaven~

Ruki: Yokohamaaaa !
Fans: Voi~!
Ruki: 3rd floor!
Fans: Voi~!
Ruki: 2nd floor!
Fans: Voi~!
Ruki: Down here!
Fans: Voi~!
Ruki: ( seems that he's satisfied ) That's good.
Fans: *claps hand*
Ruki: It'll be more after this! Bring it on with full spirit!

Ruki: Oie... Yokohama...
Fans: Voi~!
Ruki: Oie.. Yokohamaa~
Fans: Voi~!
Ruki: 3rd floor!
Fans: Voi~!
Ruki: 2nd floor!
Fans: Voi~!
Ruki: Down!
Fans: Voi~!
Ruki: Hai. That's good.
Fans: *claps hand*
Ruki: This is the last live for Kantou.
Fans: *claps hand*
Ruki: After this, let's don't regret it!
Fans: Voi~!
Ruki: Let me reach the peak! Come up!
Fans: Voi~!
Ruki: Let's go crazy!

*Reita come out from the runway and high 5-ed with Kai ( Reita seems pain )*
Reita: Leader don't know the limit.
Fans: *laughes*
Reita: Well, Yokohama, the venue today easy to fall all over me. If you sweat down the body to drop.
Fans: *laughes*
Reita: I'm going to support next time.
Fans: Haaai!
Reita: I want to do more, but there's no time. Let's use this time to make it great then!
Kai: Yokohama!
Fans: Voi~!
Kai: 3rd floor!
Fans: Voi~!
Kai: 2nd floor!
Fans: Voi~!
Kai: Down there!
Fans: Voi~!
Kai: *laughed due to satisfaction* That's good. *Reita played his bass*
Fans: *laughes*
Kai: Today is Kantou's last live. Let's make it great!
Fans: Voi~!
Kai: Let's go! Let's go! Let's go! Take it good!

Ruki: Yokohama! Yokohama!
Fans: Voi~!
Ruki: We want to thank you for enjoying and let us enjoy.
Fans: *claps hand*
Ruki: The top there. I can't see the audience.
( Light disappeared at the stage, light falls on the audience. )
Ruki: Ah, there. Seems hard to see. And there too?! It seems cute. I see people sitting. Well, I have to believe. ( Seems that he can't heard anything. ) I have to believe !!!
Fans: *laughes*
Ruki: Well, no other offensive meaning. *laughes* Speaking of Yokohama...
Fans: *with loud voice* Meat! Chinatown!
Ruki: Wrong. *laughes*
We're from Yokohama.
We're local. *laughes*
Ne.. *looks at other members*
Yeah. *looks at Aoi*
*Aoi shaked his head* Eh? It's wrong?
How about Kai?
*Kai shaked his head* Eh? It's wrong again?
Let's stop this. They're from other bands isn't it?
Ruki: Kanagawa is wide isn't it?
Yokohama is not Kanagawa.
So what? I'm still a local.
Because it's not Yokohama. *laughes*
(English) On bass ! Reita!

(Spotlight shines on Reita.)
Reita: *play bass* Tadaima, Yokohama.
Ruki: It's wrong. I'll be satisfied if there's no local.
Reita: *bitter smile*
Fans: *laughes*
Ruki: I hope today will be rhythmic.
Behind it. Can you see?
There. The floor after the first floor.
Do you see it?
Are you enjoying it?

Ruki: Today is the only day. lky *bites*
It's not the only day *laughes*
If you don't want to regret! Let's bring everything on!

-After Encore-
*every member left, Ruki is speaking*

Ruki: Today is Kantou's last live. Thanks a lot.
Sorry for suspending the tour because of me.
After this, please enjoy the following tour.
Thanks a lot.
Kanagawa is the best!
I'm lovin' it.

-Related stuffs-
= Uruha didn't run well at the runway. He wants to pass through Reita.
= During Uruha's solo in Akai One Piece, Aoi shaked his waist.
= During Taion, the starting red spotlight gave Ruki a shock.
= During Ruder Aoi's solo, Uruha ran to Aoi and twisted his arm around Aoi.
= During Kantou, Reita opened his hands wide. Uruha hugged Reita from back when he's playing bass. Reita laughed. <33
= During Kantou, Aoi's showed a pistol pose with his finger and "shooted" Uruha. Uruha was "down" after that. xD= During Kantou, Uruha shooted water on Ruki. Ruki's expression was: "What's with all these? " And Uruha laughed.
= During Kantou, Reita was trying to distract Aoi. Reita spread his arms wide and stood in front of Aoi. Aoi ignored him by looking somewhere else. xDD

Thanks, the GazettE.
Cristy Sakura

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Re: Liver Report Kanagawa 27/08/2010

Mensaje por Raika el Dom 29 Ago 2010, 00:48

Waaa como mola...k ganas de ir alguno de sus conciertos...



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Re: Liver Report Kanagawa 27/08/2010

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