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Live Report Hamamatsu 30/08/2010

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Live Report Hamamatsu 30/08/2010

Mensaje por Cristy Sakura el Jue 02 Sep 2010, 09:22

<TOUR10 NAMELESS LIBERTY SIX BULLETS 01@アクトシティ浜松 大ホール0830セトリ>
Sugar Pain
Filth in the beauty

Ride with the ROCKERS
Psychederic Heroine
The $ocial Riot Machine$
LINDA~candydive pinky heaven~

"Thanks for coming to the GazettE Nameless Liberty Six Bullets. Recently, the customers who came to hit their head on the chair other than head banging had increased."
Fans: *laughes hard*
"Other than headbanging, please look at your surrounding."
Fans: *laughes hard*
"However, if you feel uncomfortable, please tell the staffs nearby."
Fans:" Haaaaai!"
"Let's get this live another good one with you all!"
Fans: "Voi~"
"Now, the live starts!"

*lights are offed*

Since the budoukan live, I like this SE.
The source of hope!

Chandelier appreared.
The sequence of the members coming out is Kai→Uruha→Reita→Aoi→Ruki.

After that, Kai took out his vest, a short time of using his vest only!
Only for the 10 metre walk!!!
Because he's playing drum + he's so cute, I'll forgive him.

Then, Uruha!
Still as pretty as usual.
I'm desparate to yell of love!!
This time I'm at the centre of the row, two sides of me are Reita fans.
But, I'm still going to yell for Uruha!

The girls beside of me went mad!! LOL.
Um. Even though I'm Uruha's fans, I still regreted. Reita is still kakkoi!

Somehow he walked very fast and turned right.
Because I couldn't undersand this, so I think he's cool now too!!

Members are jumping!!
Preparing to move ourselfs now!
Headbanging storm!!
Reita and Aoi met their eyes!!

I tried to jump very high!
Ara ara, the Act City is wide. Even though you headbang of 八←This kind of angle,
it is not a matter!!

I wonder which hand of fans should I block? The one with fan or..?
First time to see Ruki having a stick! (???)

05.Burial Applicant
Uhei! Those who wants to bury people!
I want to try too! LOOL.

06.Sugar Pain
fjdiheoirheiofhdioh *sinked in sexyness*

07. Swallowtail On The Death Valley
Jump! Jump! Jump!
Uruha approached Ruki with his leg!!!
Uruha's leg is really long isn't it? *laughes*

08. Ruder
At last!! It's Ruder!!
I can't remember if Ruki licked Uruha's guitar. ;_;

09. Naraku
The red spotlights are really pretty.
There's some lights shined on Ruki too, really pretty.
Ah! I saw the staffs!! They're shooting the stage!!

10. Kyomu
Uruha's song!!
I love it!!
( Not much described here )

11. Shikyuu
Is it good to say this? Umm..
It's scary to see the baby's photo and the song. ;_;

12. Guren
I don't know how much I replayed my DVD and iPod on this song.
It seems that I started to cry.
Uruha's solo... I can't describe it with words!!

13. Filth In The Beauty
Even though I didn't do the 八 headbanging, but Ruki and Reita!! SO SUGOI!!

14. Headache Man
(Nothing was described)

15. Hesitating Means Death
Kai's drum is PERFECT!!

16. Circile of Swindler
I looooove this.

17. Cockcoach
(Nothing was described.)

18. Discharge
My body start to ache already xD
But I'm still jumping around!!
Uruha beat the drum!!

19. Ride with the ROCKERS
Reita shaked his ass!!
Cute cute!!

20. Akai ONE Piece
(Nothing much was described)

21. Psychedelic Heroine
At last! I love this! I can dance 24/7 with this song!!

22. The $ocial Riot Machine$
Ruki sprayed water again!!
Ruki... Can you repeat that? ///o////

23. Kantou
Finally jumped over the fence!
Ara, didn't see Uruha fall from the stage.

24. LINDA ~candydive pinky heaven~
(Nothing much was described)

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Re: Live Report Hamamatsu 30/08/2010

Mensaje por Terkor el Jue 02 Sep 2010, 09:43

jajaja parece que se puso bueno como siempre XD
gracias por el reporte Cristy


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Re: Live Report Hamamatsu 30/08/2010

Mensaje por inuka el Jue 02 Sep 2010, 11:25

Muchas gracias! aunque me voy al google a traducir porque yo el inglés no lo domino xD


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Re: Live Report Hamamatsu 30/08/2010

Mensaje por Contenido patrocinado Hoy a las 19:44

Contenido patrocinado

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